State of the Religious Retailer Industry Report 2018


What can you learn from your fellow religious retailers?

To build our 2018 report we posed a series of in-depth questions to our network of religious retailers. Questions that focus on the priorities, challenges, tactics and results across all areas of their business. 

Our main goal for the report was to create a tool that allows you to compare your business with others around the country. The data inside will supply insights into your business and give you the opportunity to generate new ideas.

Download McVan's 2018 State of the Religious Retailer Industry Report and compare your religious retail business with competitors to improve and grow your business.

What will you learn?

  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other religious retailers
  • Identify new opportunities within different areas of your business (Operations, Sales, Marketing)
  • Three exciting insights to help grow your business in 2018 and beyond