Become a Religious Retailer

Grow with McVan!

Our commitment is your team’s success.

At McVan, we want to be the very best religious supplier for your business. We are recognized for our lifetime warranty, point of sale display programs and e-commerce support.

Reasons why McVan is the #1 choice for over 2,000 religious retailers:

Transcendent Reputation
Many of our religious retailers and their customers go back several generations. Even though buyer behaviors have changed over-time, nothing takes the place of old-fashioned “word-of-mouth” as the best referral source. McVan has been around for many years and will continue to be around, providing prime religious jewelry to our religious retailers.

E-Commerce Support

As America’s fastest growing retail segment, online retailing represents a stunning opportunity to grow your retail business. With our back-end system, we provide prompt information to retailers when it’s time to update price sheet, product images and information, product descriptions, etc. We also provide educational material for starters and veterans in the religious retail industry.

Easy-to-Use Online Ordering System & Fast Turnaround

Our user-friendly ordering system allows you to get a quicker turnaround on your regular and special orders. Having efficient systems and the right technology in place will allow you to lower your inventory, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately, increase your sales.

Dedicated Sales Consultants

Face-to-face relationships are a big part in the way we do business. You’ll work closely with one of our experienced sales consultants. Our sales consultants visit storefront retailers on a regular basis to offer their expertise not only on McVan’s products, but also on store layout and other important aspects of your retail business. For example: What products must you have? What products shouldn’t you order this time around? How can you re-arrange your storefront to increase sales? Our sales consultants are committed to your success.

Prime Quality & Lifetime Warranty

We understand that the quality of your products is a reflection of your business. This is why we manufacture and offer extremely high-quality items that are long lasting. We stand behind our products and to ensure we are providing always the best, we offer lifetime warranty.

Wide Selection of Religious Products

Religious jewelry is extremely personal making it particularly important that the piece “speaks” to the purchaser. Carrying traditional and sensitive pieces offers comfort to some customers. Others want a more modern look on a historical exemplification. To ensure we continue providing a variety of products, we work closely with our retailers to identify opportunities for new products that meets and exceeds their customers’ needs.

Point-of-Sale Display Programs

Because we are dedicated to your success, we take the time to arrange product displays with the hottest collections. These displays are customizable to fit your unique needs. If the merchandise doesn’t meet your expectations, you may return or exchange it (conditions apply). To take the first step to become a retailer and valued customer, complete the form to the right and a member of our support team will contact you shortly.