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Sell More Personalized Religious Gifts - Turn Your Customers into Their Own Salesperson

Posted by Maureen Pinney on November 28, 2012 at 1:49 PM

To sell more Personalized Religious Gifts, help each customer be their own best salesperson. Whether they are visiting your store or your website, you’ll increase your sales and generate more loyalty when you help them buy, rather than working hard to sell.

Here’s how.

Religious Retailers and their customers both understand that a religious gift is the outward reflection of a powerful inner faith. In all cases, the purchase is highly emotional, involving the commemoration of a milestone such as a communion, the return of a veteran, or the birth of a child. Or, it may involve the desire to make visible an ongoing statement of personal faith.

While budget issues also make the purchase logic-based, the greater the emotion that’s involved in the purchase, the less important budget becomes.

To help your buyer be their own salesperson, it’s necessary to bring out the emotional reasons behind the purchase before viewing the gifts that exactly meet their needs. Try to learn why it’s being purchased and how important the purchase is before you display what’s being purchased.

  • Greet your customers and ask them what brings them to your store. Is there an event they want to commemorate? if so, when?
  • Who are they buying for?
  • Discover their budget. How much are they willing to spend? This way, you can find a gift that fits the occasion and their budget.

Once the emotion of the purchase has been determined, you can guide them to the outward reflection of a powerful inner faith in two ways:

The McVan Collection

Typically, those buying for themselves and those who want to let that special someone know how much they care, you can find the item and message they want to convey among standard gifts such as crucifixes, rosaries, pendants, bracelets and more.

Personalized Engravable Medals and Patron Saints

L700EAS   L700AN

Some buyers seek further personalization. Engravable medals and patron saints can be further personalized with a name, date, occasion and a special message. McVan makes these available in sterling silver, and engraves them in block or script styles.

This way, McVan retailers have connected with buyers for generations. They’re highly knowledgeable about both levels of personalized religious gifts. And, McVan training has helped them for generations transform buyers into true partners in the process of helping to find the outward reflection of a powerful inner faith.

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