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How can Religious Jewelry Retailers Help Build the US Economy?

Posted by Maureen Pinney on May 22, 2013 at 2:52 PM

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A Boom to the Economy

Doing business with an American-based manufacturer ensures that you’re not only supporting an American business, but you’re supporting the American economy. In fact, according to NAM, for every $1 spent on manufacturing in the U.S., $1.48 is added to the economy, which is the highest multiplier of any economic sector. Here are other ways domestic manufacturing helps the economy:

  • Jobs: Manufacturers need people to man their production facilities. In many cases, such facilities employ hundreds – if not thousands – of people to work three shifts.
  • Taxes: Production facilities pay taxes off their gross profits, so this tax money is invested right back into the country. Conversely, if you purchase products internationally, you’re investing in some other country’s roads, schools and infrastructure.
  • Customer Service: You know how frustrating it can be to call a number for customer service only to speak with a specialist that’s hard to communicate with. U.S.-based manufacturers hire U.S.-based people, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Quality and Safety

It’s a fact that standards and quality are much more strictly enforced in U.S. production facilities. Additionally, U.S. manufacturers put a big emphasis on worker safety and quality control. Manufacturers earn a nice living in the U.S. and also stay safe on the job, thanks to strict regulations and standards.

Since 1944, McVan has been committed to manufacturing a majority of our products in the US to maintain high quality and to contribute to our economy. That is why we continually upgrade and increase our manufacturing capabilities. We are grateful for the unconditional support of our retailers.


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