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Wholesale Jewelry and Rosary Displays - 3 Key Factors to Consider Ensuring ROI

Posted by Maureen Pinney on July 30, 2013 at 11:17 AM

Wholesale Jewelry Displays

In your quest to find an attractive and profitable jewelry/rosary display, there are other factors you need to consider to ensure you will get a ROI (return on your investment).  Suppliers will make you attractive offers that sometime seem too good to be true such as payment terms, return on product that doesn’t sell and even a Lifetime Warranty.  But, what happens if their jewelry doesn’t sell?  Are they offering you way more jewelry than what you can really sell?  Is the supplier putting in the product that sells or what they want you to try and sell?

It is a fact that not every product is a winner in every store.  Demographics and product mix play a big part in what sells and what sits unsold.  Below are 3 key factors you should consider to ensure a return on your investment.

Wholesale Display Assortment

Most suppliers will provide you with a standard display that contains a pre-selected amount of pieces without considering your customer demographics or how big or small your store is.  So what happens if a smaller store can’t use 288 pendants or over 100 different Miraculous medals?

There are few jewelry/rosary suppliers, like McVan, that go beyond just providing a display with product.  Their customer service consultants work to identify the special needs of each retailer.  They are able to customize the displays to have a varied assortment of categories to ensure regular turnover and increased sales.  They also re-evaluate your displays once a year to replace merchandise that may not be selling.

 Payment Terms

What good are payment terms if the product didn’t sell?  The terms should reflect the reality of how quickly the product in the display will sell.  In other words, if the payment terms are Net 30 days, then you should be pretty confident that you should sell a good amount of the product in that display within those 30 days.  Of course McVan does work reasonable payment terms with their customers to help during slow seasons.

How can you be confident that this will be your case?  Ensure the products provided are your supplier’s best sellers.  At McVan, they put their top selling products in their displays.  They also have knowledgeable field representatives that will regularly review the assortment and make changes when need be which brings me to my next point: Return Policy.

Return Policy

Understanding the return policy and knowing the small print will save you a lot of money, time and headaches.  Does the jewelry supplier have a clear return policy on their website?  A lot of suppliers will charge you a re-stocking fee or will charge you additional costs to exchange products that are not selling.  How fair is that?

Partner with a supplier that actually cares about your investment and success.  At McVan you can return any merchandise that does not meet your expectations or exchange any display merchandise at no cost (seasonal items are excluded).

In the world of wholesale displays, one size doesn’t fit all.  Don’t get carried away by eye-catching displays and payment terms that are too good to be true.  The last think McVan wants to do is drop a display in a store that you can’t sell.  At McVan, our commitment is to your success.  Consider these important factors before making your decision.

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