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5 Ideas for Religious Retailers to Maximize Sales in the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Season

Posted by Maureen Pinney on October 22, 2013 at 2:54 PM

black friday cyber monday 

About 20 years ago, jewelers looked forward to the Thanksgiving weekend, since it was characterized by the increased store traffic and a ringing cash register. But, as mass merchants started to become more aggressive, many religious retailers took a step back and resigned themselves to waiting for the 3-10 days before Christmas to experience their growth in sales.

According to the Jewelry Business Advisors, in 2012, 247 million people shopped during the three-day Black Friday weekend, and with an improving economy, sales volume and traffic are expected to rise in 2013, so, don’t step back! Here are 5 ideas that will help you re-gain some of those sales in 2013.

1. Start Promoting Early!

In reality, Black Friday and Cyber Monday don’t start on Thanksgiving. Both days occur after the season’s buying wave has been growing faster and taller for about three weeks. Many buyers aren’t satisfied to wait for the big days. Help them by not waiting to launch marketing campaigns until just before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Start early, and make these days the culmination of a month-long campaign. If you’re using social medial like Facebook or Twitter, start talking about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday “great things to come” with teaser messages. Engage. Engage. Engage!

2. Don’t Discount the Power of Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day continues to increase in sales as consumers launch their holiday shopping immediately after the Thanksgiving meal. They just can’t wait until Black Friday for aggressive retailer promotions.

3. Optimize Your Website for the Right Keywords

Consumers are searching online for local Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions and offers, so optimize your website for keywords such as Black Friday Deals or Cyber Monday Deals. Ensure you come up in a Google search! One way of achieving this is by launching a Pay-Per-Click campaign.

4. Don’t Ignore the Power of Mobile Purchasers

In 2011, 7% of all Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales occurred on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets (TapCommerce Insights). That’s because people are rebelling against waiting in lines over night, while those who are in lines or away from their desktops are looking for deals on their mobile devices. Make sure your website and web store are responsive to tablets and mobile devices.

5. Maximize the Power of Your Email List

Don’t leave money on the table and use email to your advantage.  During this season everyone is being bombarded by offers from every angle. Everyone’s talking about “Black Friday Deals.” Cut though the noise with a message that differentiates you from the pack. Testing and refining your Subject line is what makes the difference.

It’s important to prepare your online and mortar store to continue to provide the same personalized attention and satisfaction you offer all year long. Quality and not quantity remains your goal.

Contact your McVan Advisor to brainstorm new and better ways to ensuring success on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all year long. Don’t wait until the last minute to stock up your display and shelves! Let’s talk about marketing, selling and ensuring that you have sufficient inventory to meet demand.


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