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7 Best Sellers in Religious Jewelry

Posted by Maureen Pinney on March 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM


As the season of gift giving ramps up, displaying your strongest sellers is a wise move and can mean higher sales. For people of faith, Easter is a celebration on par with Christmas, and many appreciate tokens of their faith as gifts. A child’s First Communion and Confirmation are other important days that are often celebrated with gifts. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, two days that often stump the gift giver, are perfect opportunities to give religious jewelry.

A few meticulously chosen pieces can offer greater sales and increased customer satisfaction rather than a wider, random selection. Though many are looking for a unique religious item, the majority of customers will appreciate seeing a listing of strong sellers as inspiration, whether in your storefront or online. Here are six of the most popular religious jewelry selections:


communion-EAR12.jpgHaving the right Communion products in your store is essential to a successful Communion season. Earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rosaries are among the most popular gifts. Grandparents and godparents are also looking for a special keepsake like a Communion cross or photo plaque. All of these are great gifts to celebrate that special day.  View Communion Gifts



bracelets-BR190.jpgPopular and easy for everyday wear, bracelets make wonderful gifts for a variety of occasions. A child’s Baptism, Mother’s Day, Easter, Communion, or Confirmation are among the most popular times a bracelet is worn or given as a gift.  View Bracelet Collection


Sterling Medals

sterling-medals-L426ME.jpgThese items are strong sellers because they are personal. For those looking to give a unique present, these medals come in a variety of subjects: Miraculous, Four-Way Crosses, Holy Spirit, Patron Saint medals, sport medals, and medals honoring the military, among many others.  View Sterling Medal Collection



rosaries-454HF_.jpgBecause of their significance, they are always top sellers. From the very young to the very old, rosaries are traditional Sacramentals of the Church and make a great gift for any age or gender. Specialty rosaries can include a very unique center and crucifix along with dazzling beads. View Our Rosary Collection


Wall Crucifixes

crucifix-79-42485_.jpgHanging a crucifix in a home, office, nursery, or any other special place is a great reminder of God’s love for us. Crucifixes make great gifts, especially when given as a Sacramental gift for a Baptism, Communion, or Confirmation. Sick Call sets make great gifts for newly married couples.  View Collection of Wall Crucifixes.


Visor Clips

visor-VC-843.jpgDesigned for displaying in the car, visor clips are wonderful faith reminders for a driver. They can serve as protection and a reminder to drive safely. These gifts are popular for Father’s Day and as a gift for new drivers. View Gift Collection of Visor Clips


Baby Gifts

baby-gifts-BS10.jpgStatistically, baby gifts sell year round but even more so during the Spring. Many couples wait until the Spring to Baptize their children after the winter season. This could account for the higher statistics. Crib medals & cross sets, Baptism water bottles and wall décor are all excellent choices to keep on hand. View McVan's Collection of Baby Gifts


One of the most important things to consider when deciding which items to stock is the quality of the pieces. Balancing what will be popular and what will stand out can be tricky. Religious jewelry carries personal significance for the owner, so those who are buying for themselves will want something to keep as a beautiful reminder of their faith, and those who are purchasing gifts for others will be proud to give a beautiful high-quality piece to a loved one. 


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