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Lifetime Warranty & Return Policy on McVan's Jewelry Items

Posted by Fred Adler on March 9, 2015 at 11:14 AM

Return Policy JewelryNothing dictates the success of your business more than the products you stock your store shelves with. Yes, your products are a reflection of your overall business, so it's only natural for you to want to provide the best to your customers. At McVan, we not only provide the best religious jewelry and memorabilia, which are made from long-lasting and high-quality materials, but we'll also stand behind these products 100 percent with our Lifetime Warranty and Return Policy so you can have peace of mind that your customers will always be taken care of in the event that something happens to one of their pieces.

In this blog article, we’ll discuss what you, as retailers, should know about our lifetime warranty and return policy and how your customers can take advantage of these services as well.

Lifetime Warranty & Return Policy for Retailers

return_policy_jewelry_iconRetailers love our lifetime warranty because this is a great value-added selling point that they can pass on to the customer. And customers love the warranty because it gives them insurance, to a certain extent, that they their personal and symbolic religious items are able to be replaced with no hassle should something happen to them.

When you become a McVan retailer, we work with you to select the most appropiate items that work with your demographics, niche, and unique circumstances. Nonetheless, you have 30 days to return any items that don't meet your standards, pending prior authorization and the product in a state of "new" condition. Retailers involved in McVan's display programs may exchange on-display merchandise for up to one year, as long as the products are in "mint" condition.

Finally, in the case of defective merchandise, it may be returned to McVan at any time for credit, replacement or repair, no questions asked. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact your account representative.

Lifetime Warranty & Return Policy for End-Consumers

return_policy_jewelry_icon2While McVan strives to create long-lasting products from quality materials, even these high-end items are not prone to damage. For instance, metals are known to turn colors and clasps can break. Items may also be susceptible to other damages, depending on how often they're worn and in what type of environment they're stored.

So, how do your customers go about returning their religious jewelry items to McVan if the product doesn't hold up as it should? There are two options:

  • Option 1. Customers can take the item to the retailer where they purchased it and have them process the item with McVan.
  • Option 2. Customers can send the product directly to McVan at 35 Frank Mossberg Drive, Attleboro, MA 02703 with their address and phone number clearly written. Please ensure the customer adds their address and phone number since we occasionally receive an item with no such information.

Aside from creating high-quality religious jewelry and memorabilia, McVan has established itself as a long-time leader in the field because of its customer service, lifetime warranty and return policy too. After all, for a retailer nothing dictates success more than the products you sell. And for a customer, a high-quality end product is the ultimate goal.

For more information about McVan's Lifetime Warranty and Return Policy, contact us today.

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