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Point-of-Sale Display Programs for Religious Gifts at McVan Inc.

Posted by Debbie Lee on November 21, 2014 at 12:16 PM


You can’t underestimate the power of a physical, in-store visual display. It helps convey something that a catalog can’t – the ability for your customers to actually see, touch and feel a potential purchase, an effect that’s much more impactful than seeing it on paper. In this blog article we’ll explain our display program features, what options are available for your store, and how you can get your display.

Point-of-Sale Display Programs Explained

At McVan, our commitment is to your success – and that’s why we offer a variety of displays designed to increase your sales on our fine religious jewelry and memorabilia.


Our displays are free when you fill them with our top selling items. We take the time to arrange the displays with our hottest collections and can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Display Warranty

Because we are dedicated to your success, we will update your display with new selections on items that are not selling within two years (restrictions apply*).

Lifetime Product Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products and this is why we offer lifetime warranty. You may return any defective merchandise for repair, credit, or replacement (restrictions apply*).

Complimentary Services

We understand the keeping up with inventory, pricing, and re-stocking is a challenging task. To facilitate ordering, pricing, and reordering, we can label the products you offer with UPC codes and your retail pricing. We also provide either pictured or labeled shelf forms for easy receiving and reordering.

Point-of-Sale Display Options

Here are our most popular Point-of-Sale Displays. Please contact our customer service for additional display options.

display_1_2 2-Sided and 4-Sided Locked Floor Displays

  • Ideal for retailers looking to carry a fine selection of McVan products, like deluxe rosaries, bracelets and sterling jewelry and metals. They are made with a solid oak base and offer 360-degree rotation.

  • Both floor displays come with two locks on each side for in-store security.

  • Both displays have 12 rows on each side that can hold 72 medals or 36 rosaries and or bracelets to a side.


2-Sided and 4-Sided Hanging Displays

  • Ideal as a complementary display to an existing product line or to create an affordable gift center area.

  • Great fit for retailers looking to carry products that sell between $10 to $20 (retail)

  • Both hanging displays come with a locked door panel for fine merchandise

spinCounter Top Spinner Display

  • Ideal for retail stores with limited floor space

  • Great to set up seasonal merchandise, such as communion and confirmation jewelry

  • Display comes with a locked door panel for fine merchandise

Once a retailer places an order, they can expect the display to be delivered within three business days, thereby allowing stores to get hot items in front of their customers sooner.

McVan has been an industry leader in religious jewelry and memorabilia since 1944 – and a big reason why is its commitment to its customers’ success.

For more information on our display program and how to get a free display, contact one of McVan’s customer service specialists at 800-322-8781 today*.


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