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In Your Own Words: How Blogging Can Benefit Religious Retailers Online

Posted by Maureen Pinney on September 2, 2015 at 10:51 AM


As you may have found out by now, religious retail is big business -- in fact, it's been enjoying something of a boom for many years now. But that boom has produced more benefits for the major giants of the industry more than the small and/or independent retailers. To stand out in this crowded field, you need to connect to your ideal target audience directly -- and blogging can help you do that.

Making Yourself Known

Making-Yourself-KnownOne of the most important benefits of blogging is its ability to put you, the religious retailer, in front of countless prospective customers who might never have heard of you otherwise. The more helpful, relevant information you post to your blog, the more Google and other major search engines take notice. Every time you create new online data to be indexed, you increase your visibility in search engine results. (It's certainly a more sensible approach than rewriting your home page every week!)

As web users encounter your blog articles, they'll naturally be inclined to explore, not only your other posts, but the rest of your website as well. Businesses that blog regularly get 55 percent more visits to their websites than business that don't. If you'd like to become 55 percent more visible online, blogging is a great way to get the ball rolling!


Regular blogging can boost the number
of visitors to your website.

Establishing Your Authority

Establishing-Your-AuthorityInformative, useful blog articles can do a lot for your religious retail store's image and reputation. By addressing topics that line up with your target audience's particular needs and concerns, you can establish yourself as the go-to source of information for anything having to do with religious merchandise. So when it's time for your readers to buy religious items, they won't be wondering where to go. They'll go straight to the authority -- your store!

Consumers aren't the only ones who respect the authority generated by a well-populated blog. The major search engines assess websites based on factors such as "authority" and "trust." One of the ways they do this is by looking at how much relevant information you've authored. The more you blog, the more seriously you're taken in your field by Google and other heavy hitters.

Promoting Your Products 24/7

Promoting-Your-Products-relgious-retailersOne of the beauties of a successful, effective website is its ability to keep marketing for you night and day. Blog articles extend the reach of that website by feeding your religious retail audience a steady stream of new ideas, insights and suggestions. Every time you have a particular item to promote, you can use your blog to explore that item, and the accompanying promotion, in detail. Wherever your audience may be, whatever time it is, they're hearing your message and getting excited about your products all over again.

Blogging is also the gift that keeps on giving. As your blog posts grab attention out there on cyberspace, prospective customers and other businesses may start linking to those articles, referring an ever-widening audience to your blog (and by extension, your business). And as more and more links and mentions connect people to your blog, your SEO stock with the major search engines continues to rise.


Blog posts get people talking
about you -- and linking to you.

As you can see, launching a blog and filling it with content that matters to your clientele can give your online presence a major boost. So start blogging today, and stake your business's claim in the world of religious retailers. Or if you're still at the beginning of this exciting journey, let us help you.

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