Selling Christian jewelry for children is a great way to keep Christian values at the forefront of your company. It can also offer parents a way to help integrate their child’s faith into their everyday life. Having Christian jewelry available gives parents options for giving their children ways to express and affirm their faith through jewelry. The ability to give reminders of their Christian faith along with fun and enjoyable pieces of jewelry is a great way to integrate moral values with material goods.

Christian Jewelry Can Have an Impact

Christian jewelry by itself offers a great reminder and statement of faith for whoever wears it. Sometimes kids need reminders of their faith, just like adults, and of what values and morals by which they live their life. Having a physical representation of that faith with them can help children keep values and morals in mind. Children are comforted when they are reminded that God loves them and is sovereign over their life. That sense of security can help a child get through their day without being too scared to try new things, and encounter challenges as they grow into adulthood.

The Meanings of Specific Christian Symbols

Showcasing your faith by wearing beautiful Christian jewelry begins with choosing a symbol that not only represents your beliefs and values but also your desired look. Some of the most well-known pieces of Christian icons used in Christian jewelry include:

  • The Christian Fish or Ichthys -  The Ichthys, or the Christian fish symbol, is one of the oldest of all Christian symbols. It was used to identify each other as fellow Christians back when the early Christians in Rome were being persecuted. Although it’s no longer a secret, it is still similarly used today, helping Christians to identify with one another. This can be helpful for a child in school because they will be able to identify other children with similar beliefs more easily.

  • Angels - Angels are representative of created beings often sent as messengers or ministers, even protecting believers at times. Children often find comfort in angels the same way they find comfort in the arms of their parents.

  • The Christian Dove - The dove is a representation of the Holy Spirit, as well as a symbol of peace. The Holy Spirit appears to Jesus in the form of a dove, as noted in the book of Luke. It’s also a dove that provides Noah with proof that the waters of the flood are receding. Having the symbol of the Holy Spirit can be a powerful reminder of faith for a child to wear.

  • The Cross - The cross represents the sacrifice that Jesus made to wash away sins and redeem His people. This symbol reminds children not only of their own sins but of the forgiveness they have been given through their faith in Him as Lord. While children learn the importance of obeying His Word, wearing a cross can be a central reminder of the gospel and that Christ is the center in their lives.

What Kinds of Occasions Can Christian Jewelry Be Sold for?

There are obvious occasions to gift a child with Christian jewelry, such as Easter or Christmas, but there are so many other occasions that could be brightened by a gift that is a physical representation of faith. Birthdays and graduations are landmark moments in a child’s life. Moving to the next year or the next chapter in life can be hard. Being gifted jewelry that reinforces and reminds them of their faith could help a child feel more secure and connected as they prepare themselves for the new part of their life.

Young children are often excited to receive gifts that make them feel grown-up or a part of a community. Christian jewelry achieves both of those things. Gifting Christian jewelry can be a great way to introduce conversations about faith. Once integrated into their lives, the jewelry can even act as a comfort to children as they learn to rely on their Christian faith for answers and stability. With a range of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, we have the best selection of youth Christian jewelry.

Why Source Christian Jewelry from McVan?

Since 1944, McVan Religious Product Manufacturer has been providing companies with high-quality Christian products. We strive to create high-quality products that honor the Christian faith in every way. Our hand-crafted products are all made in the United States. If you are considering selling Christian jewelry to children in your shop, there are so many options. To discover more, check out our full catalog of youth jewelry.