Religious jewelry has been a staple of religious communities for centuries, and the trend is still going strong today. As with any kind of jewelry, trends are always changing, and faith-based jewelry continues to adapt to the times. Choosing pieces based on popular jewelry trends is a sure way to boost your profits while providing customers with access to a special reminder of their faith.

Christian jewelry for men and women today has become a fashion statement for many people. Different evolving styles help individuals find the most unique pieces for their personal expressions of faith. The various religious jewelry pieces offered for Christians encompass an array of styles and meanings that help make each piece unique to the wearer. Throughout these pieces, sacred symbols and motifs help create a specific collection of pieces, created to connect the wearer with their faith on a deeper, more personal level.

Sacred Symbols

Showcasing your faith by wearing beautiful Christian jewelry begins with choosing a symbol that not only represents your beliefs and values but also your desired look. Some of the most well-known pieces of Christian icons used in Christian jewelry include:

  • Crosses - Starting with the cross, these iconic pieces are a constant reminder of what sacrifices Jesus Christ made during his time on Earth. Through His suffering, He is a guide of perseverance in times of need. The importance of the cross as a necklace is also significant. It is positioned close to the heart to reaffirm Jesus’ impact as a source of love and support. A heart cross necklace is another option that represents the love of God and the love we give to God. The heart has been associated with love since the ancient times, and the heart cross helps the wearer to focus their thoughts on the cycle of love– giving love to God and others such as family, friends, pets, and nature and receiving love from Him and others just the same. A special cross necklace will help you channel love in your everyday life and send it back to the Divine.  

  • Mustard seeds -  Used in many teachings by Jesus, the mustard seed is a sacred symbol used to reinforce the ways that the Kingdom of Heaven can grow to encompass more followers, with the love of God transforming this small seed into a strong tree. Using these seeds in popular Christian jewelry, most commonly pendants containing actual mustard seeds, they help the wearer recognize their contribution to the growth and spread of their faith. 

  • Fish - Referred to as the “ichthys” in the Bible, the use of a fish as the symbol of Jesus has been a part of Christian iconography for centuries. The ichthys was used in ancient times to let travelers self-identify as Christian, with two individuals drawing either side of the fish as a way to reveal their religious background. Now, as a popular jewelry motif symbolizing Jesus himself, the ichthys is used in popular forms of jewelry like necklaces and pendants.

  • The Tree of Life -  Used as a way to seek out God’s presence through His knowledge, the tree of life is a popular Christian jewelry symbol that can help ground and inspire the wearer, simultaneously drawing on themes of God’s wisdom and His sacred lineage. The tree of life is also a perfect symbol for family and can help you celebrate a loved one by commemorating your familial ties. 

Although trends in fashion and jewelry will continue to come and go, Christian jewelry will outlive many fashion trends. The historical significance of religious jewelry pieces will reinforce the important ties to our faith that are crucial for our worship. 

As a retailer, distributing Christian jewelry helps provide other Christians with access to symbols of faith, allowing them to feel closer to God through their jewelry choices. At McVan, we help Christian retailers by providing a wide range of high-quality, meaningful, Christian jewelry. For more information about McVan's Christian Gifts, view our online Christian Catalog and browse through our current product offerings.