The holidays are fast approaching, and soon everyone will look for the perfect gifts for their family, friends, and loved ones! While the holiday season is the most beautiful time of the year, it can also be stressful for both customers and retailers. This year, let your shop be a haven for those hoping to find beautiful jewelry by taking advantage of the holiday rush.

Jewelry retailers should not pass up the opportunity for sales during the holidays. Despite the covid-19 pandemic in 2019 through 2021, jewelry sales rose 37 percent in October 2021 and are predicted to increase by 42 percent during the November-December holiday period. These busy months present the perfect opportunity for jewelry vendors to generate revenue. Follow these essential tips on setting up your shop to cater to customers and achieve higher jewelry sales during the peak-shopping season.

Visible Pricing

mcvan-jewelry-price-tagsMake sure customers don’t have to ask for prices at your store. 77 percent of consumers intend to purchase when entering a store during the holiday season. Moreover, in the era of smartphones and social media, your customers have likely researched competing brands and their prices. Suppose your prices are unavailable when the customer is ready to purchase. In that case, the sale will probably go to your competitor.

Visible pricing eliminates that extra step of asking for the price, which makes it easier for customers to decide whether they want to buy the product. Reduce the chance of lost sales by making your jewelry prices easily accessible to your customers through labels, plaques, readily available catalogs, or posters.

Highlight Holiday Sales Bundles

Highlight Holiday Sales BundlesMany customers will search for pre-made gift bundles and special holiday sales. Therefore, bundling seasonal jewelry sets and other complimentary products together is a great idea and keeping customers notified of special offers and sales leading up to the holidays. When customers walk into your store and see the perfect pre-made gift on display, they will jump for joy!

When creating gift bundles and sample gift ideas, remember your customers and their needs. Choose masculine, stainless steel, or leather products for a men’s gift set or a colorful necklace and bracelet for a children’s gift set. Special holiday sales and gift sets allow you to showcase some of your best sellers. Shoppers love to view complete gift sets and other special deals that point them in the right direction and spark ideas that make gift giving easy.

Timing Matters

display retailer-345402-editedStarting your promotions too early or too late could result in fewer products being sold than you expected. 38 percent of people start Christmas shopping before November, while 70 percent start shopping before December. Additionally, many holiday sales happen within the last two weeks before Christmas, as customers scramble to find last-minute gifts. Also, post-holiday sales, such as a New Year sale, will attract those excited to see what post-Christmas deals offer. Start planning the best time to extend special offers, free shipping, or other holiday promotions. Don’t forget to keep track of critical dates—such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Eye-Catching Displays

display-religious-productsCustomers looking for heartfelt gifts come into your shop and should be greeted with well-stocked, organized, and navigable displays. Empty and picked-over displays will cause your store to lose potential sales, and new customers may assume that your store does not keep up to date. Beautiful displays of best-selling jewelry and holiday bundles will leave a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Displays act as self-service mechanisms for customers until the actual sale, which is why your well-stocked displays must be attractive and functional. Get your customers in the holiday spirit by adorning your displays with wreaths, lights, faux snow, and ornaments. Consider decorating your shop with wrapped presents or a Christmas tree in the background to get the holiday spirit flowing! You may also want to display featured jewelry on mannequins, allowing customers to see how your jewelry looks when worn. Locked displays and spinning displays allow customers to browse your items quickly and easily.

Engage With Your Customers


By engaging sales representatives with your customers, you can offer gift ideas and help customers find a piece of jewelry that matches their budget and other needs. This also allows you to elaborate on your product’s details, special holiday deals, and even special gift-wrapping deals to increase the perceived value of your product. Customers will be impressed by your customer service and satisfied with their purchase. Engagement will also let you know your customers and what they’re looking for.

Let McVan Help Boost Your Sales This Holiday Season

McVan Religious Product Manufacturer has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality religious jewelry since 1944. We strive to provide hand-crafted products that honor your faith all year round. If you want to sell jewelry in your shop during the holidays, contact us today for more information.