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Miraculous Medal Meaning: Know Your Inventory

Posted by Maureen Pinney on August 2, 2017 at 10:30 AM


In the Catholic Church, medals have an outstanding background of tradition and benefits. One in particular often stands out as one of the most popular medals to purchase. The Miraculous Medal, also known as the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, is beloved by many around the world. This oval pendant is a famous piece of jewelry in the Catholic Church because of the phenomenal and almost fervent influence it has on people.

It is believed that a person wearing the medal around his or her neck will receive protection and graces from the Virgin Mary herself. If the wearer beholds this medal with confidence, they can expect their prayers and faith to be heard. In fact, there have been countless stories shared from around the world that credit this medal with cures, conversions, and safety.

The Story Behind the Medal

The history of this beloved medal is based on the story of St. Catherine Labouré , who was given a mission by the Virgin Mary in Paris, France. Mary came to Catherine holding a golden globe, which was said to represent the world. As she clutched the globe, rays of light beamed from the gem-encrusted rings placed on her fingers. Some of the gems were not shining, and Virgin Mary said “Those are the graces for which people forget to ask.”

She then told Catherine to have these images made into a medal that would allow those who wear it around their neck to receive great graces. Catherine did as she was told and brought the images to her confessor. The first medals were made in 1832 and Mary’s blessings soon started to spread across Paris.

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The Miraculous Medal Meaning

A common misconception about the Miraculous Medal is that it’s a “good luck” charm. Instead of luck, this medal's power is evidence of the wearer’s faith and trust in his or her own prayers. Upon a closer look of the design, we can uncover the message St. Catherine received from Virgin Mary nearly two centuries ago:



The Front of the Medal

The image shows Mary’s arms outstretched with rays of light shining from her fingertips. The frame around the medal says, O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Mary is seen standing on top of the globe in her place as the Queen of Heaven and Earth.



back of medal.pngThe Back of the Medal

On the backside of the medal you will find twelve stars. These stars are said to represent the twelve Apostles. As the first letter in Mary, the “M” is connected to the cross to symbolize her relationship with Jesus and the world. The cross with a bar underneath represents Christ, our redemption, and the earth. Finally, two hearts that are dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Shared Stories of Faith

womanpray.jpgGiven the presence this medal has around the world, it is no surprise that millions of proud wearers have shared the amazing blessings they have received. Take for instance a story from the Miraculous Magazine:

“Mary protects me every day when I am driving, avoiding accidents that could have happened. She accompanies me when I am alone and scared. In big and small problems, she always finds the solutions, interceding with Our Lord for me.”

This story and much more are featured in this quarterly magazine, designed to serve as a vehicle for sharing miracles and bringing together those who believe in the cause of Mary Immaculate.

Purchase Wholesale Miraculous Medals

Why is it so important to have the Miraculous Medal in stock? Well, this medallion has changed numerous lives and further ensured their faith. Many Catholics seek out this medal to feel protection for themselves and to offer the same feeling to their loved ones. Compared to other medals, the Miraculous Medal essentially sells itself due to the influence behind the pendant’s strong message and rich story.

Here are four reasons to stock (or restock) your store with Miraculous Medals from McVan:

  • The Value of Sterling Silver: This metal is less expensive than gold or platinum, which means consumers will feel better purchasing this item. With the proper care, your customers (and those they gift to) will have years of beautiful wear ahead.

  • 60+ Available Styles: McVan offers 60+ styles of the Miraculous Medal in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes perfect for the right occasion. This means there is a unique design to satisfy each person’s style!

  • Lifetime Warranty: We stand 100% behind our products with our lifetime warranty. You can have peace of mind that your customers will always be taken care of in the event that something happens to one of their pieces!

  • Perfect Extras: Our Miraculous Medals includes a rhodium plated chain and deluxe gift box - everything your customers need to wear or gift this medal.

Don’t wait, help your customers celebrate their faith and devotion by stocking your store with our collection of sterling silver Miraculous Medals!

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